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We believe young people, even ex-combatants, are a positive force in the community and can contribute to peace/protection in our community.

That a single action can make a difference here, and that all of these actions can affect the world. These young people through the theaters and in folklore sensitize the community so that it becomes an environment of peace for women, and children and to be able to fight against all violence and those based on gender. Through advocacy and dissemination actions, our team works tirelessly every day to contribute to the good of all.

Women empowerment

ACPEJ also supports the development of village savings and credit associations (AVEC) and MUSO, which allow members to pool their savings. 80% of whom are women, and can also take out small loans to finance income-generating activities or projects of community interest, such as cereal banks. Repayment rates approach 100% and interest rates allow the community bank to be independent.

We defend the rights of children

We fight for the peaceful transformation of conflicts and stabilization of conflict zones
We work to promote youth  We are close to the elderly and children We give our efforts to promote entrepreneurship and female leadership We motivate young people to take responsibility Etc.

  ACPEJ intervenes in the following areas:

📌 Children's Rights and Education

📌 DDR Child

📌 Food Security, Agriculture and Livestock

📌 Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

📌 Civil society capacity building
📌 Formations

📌 Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

📌 Leadership, Gender Promotion and Fight against SGBV

📌 Conflict management and transformation

📌 Environment and climate change Health

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Training of ACPEJ actors by theater and reconciliation company of Belgium

ACPEJ was trained for 21 days on the participatory theater approach, in the peaceful transformation of conflicts.

Capacity building workshop for youth associations in Bwito

ACPEJ relies on local communities in its activities, in this context, a 3-day workshop for the 5 youth associations....

Family reunification activities for ex-combatants with ACPEJ

ACPEJ is the CHILD DDR partner of RET GERMANY in the chiefdom of BWITO in Rutshuru territory, thanks to its partnership...

A dream come true: the journey of ACPEJ

The mother found her son after several hopeless years in the armed group

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