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Actions of Ex-Combatants For the Supervision of Young People and the Fight against the Enlistment of Children and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
Is a non-governmental, national, independent organization, without religious or political affiliation and without discrimination of any race, language or opinion, whose headquarters are in Goma, North Kivu, in the DRC. Created in 2017 officially recognized by the public authorities by registration certificate No. JUST/SG/20/24823/2021

Our Mission

Contribute to the significant promotion of the reintegration and socio-economic recovery of the layers forgotten in the various development actions and victims of discrimination on the part of their communities; achieve a healthy environment for all. Sensitize the community so that it becomes an environment of peace for women and be able to fight against any gender-based violence.


Promote the socio-economic reintegration of Children Associated with Armed Forces and Groups, Ex-Combatants and other young people at risk, as well as victims of gender-based violence.


Guarantee the right to protection and education for vulnerable children in general, those victims of armed conflicts and those associated with Armed Forces and Groups in particular.

Gender Equality

Fight against all gender-based violence and promote women's rights in rural areas. We are driven by the humanitarian and development spirit, we take bold steps and a solid base to support our actions.

Food Security

Strengthen environmental protection and the fight against food insecurity. We need people with a fresh perspective on our problems, who seek solutions and take risks to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any query for related yo our Services… Our support team is available 24/7, please contact us.

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